Coding and such

Posted on Fri, 26 Jul 2013

Tags: coding, php, javascript, html

Part of the reason I decided to add a blog to my website was so that I could write about software development. I wanted to be able to pass on the things I learn, write about what I'm working on, and share my thoughts and ideas related to coding and software.

I've been interested in computer programming and web development in some form or other since I was about 14. That was when I started teaching myself HTML, and created a "personal website" for myself. That site went through many iterations over the years, most of them of no interest to anyone but myself, and it eventually became this website right here.

A couple of years after I began teaching myself HTML, I started learning the C programming language, and I wrote a few fairly simple command-line programs (once again, of no interest to anyone but me), before more-or-less putting computer programming aside for a while.

Over the next few years I would occasionally tinker around with some C coding, but it wasn't until I went to university that I would begin to take computer programming more seriously. While at uni studying maths and computer science, I took classes which included learning about languages (Java, C/C++, and others), algorithms, data structures, and other related topics.

After finishing me degree, my brother-in-law, who works in web development, suggested I learn PHP and javascript, and it was at this point that my two interests of websites and computer programming finally (and belatedly) came together, and I found my niche: web app development.