Interactive Poker TDA Rules
Posted on Mon, 9 Dec 2013

I took a look through the rules posted by the Poker Tournament Directors Association, which are the standard rules used for poker tournaments around the world. I decided that the 15 page document was not the most user friendly, so I created an interactive version. Hopefully someone finds it useful.

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The Rule of 4 and 2
Posted on Thu, 1 Aug 2013

In Texas Holdem poker, the "rule of 4 and 2" is a basic guideline to calculating the odds of hitting your hand for a given number of outs. It says that if you have one street left, then you need to double the number of outs, to get the percentage chance of hitting one of them. If you have two streets, multiply the number of outs by 4.

For example, if you have Q♠5♠, and the flop comes 7♠2♥T♠, then you have 9 outs (any spade) to hit a flush. The rule tells you that you will make a flush by the river 36% of the time. If you miss on the turn, you will make the flush on the river 18% of the time.

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