Software Development

I do software development. Both in my day job, and for fun. The main languages I use are C#, Javascript, and SQL.


Accounting Software & Online Bookkeeping.
[Development: Mostly in C#]
Ocean Browser: OB3
Collaborative document authoring and learning environment.
[Research and Javascript development]
My personal website (this site).
[PHP, HTML, CSS, and site content]

Personal Projects

Here are some apps I have made in my spare time. Most are just prototypes, so may be lacking in aesthetics.

A tool for generating possible chord names for a collection of notes.
Fretboard Tutor
Visualisation of the guitar fretboard for various scale and chord shapes
EventReactor [Source]
A re-imagining of the Eventfinda search interface (built in react) [GitHub]
Cocktail app
CheezeBot [GitHub]
A slack bot (built in nodejs)
Hak Pak [GitHub]
A Pac-Man game implementation
WebNotebook [GitHub]
Digital notebook in the style of a paper notebook.

If you have any ideas for software I could develop (tools, games, etc), let me know.

For my interest in free / open source software, see my page on Free Culture.